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"When my children were young, I was exhausted all the time. One day, I was able to carve out a small space in my house for my craft supplies. Having a dedicated space where I could go and be creative, even if only for a few minutes, recharged me in ways I never imagined! This is what I want to share."

~ Jillian (aka, Mrs. McClendon)

Some of the Fun Available at MCS:

Cricut * Heat Press * Sewing Machine * A Gazillion Stamps * Another Gazillion Punches * Colored Pencils * Markers * Glitter (Bonus, it's not in your house!) * Paper * Paper Cutters * Ink Pads * Embossing Powders * Ribbon * Yarn * Books * Light Boxes * Punch Boards * Cuttlebug * Embellishments / Stickers * Brads * Eyelets * And More!

Everything in Mama's Craft Sanctuary is here for you to use. There are no added charges for use of any of the tools or materials. Just use what you need!

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